Kathleen's Story

Kathleen Stone Psychic Medium and Intuitive Healer

Kathleen is a Spiritual or Psychic Medium and an Intuitive Healer. As a child she knew things before people would speak of them and knew things before they would happen.  Kathleen thought everyone had the same experiences she had. When she realized that most people didn't talk to Spirits, she tried to shut it down. 

She came by this ability naturally; her mother had psychic abilities as did both her grandmothers, great grandmother and so on.  The maternal lineage is strong with psychicness yet none of her recent ancestors truly used their gifts.  Growing up she never felt alone, and at times it was scary for her; the feeling of being observed was often uncomfortable. There were other times for her when it was reassuring.  She heard voices talking to her and had conversations with whomever it was that was talked to her.  She was afraid of the dark as many children are, but her fear was due to knowing she wasn't alone.  While she didn't know who was around her, she knew those energies weren't friendly because the dark and quiet made their presence much more pronounced.  As a child she was raised Catholic.  When the noise got too loud for her or the pressure became too great, she would call on the Mother Mary asking her to help;  it wasn't praying because she actually spoke to her.  Kathleen was calmed by Mother Mary as Mary's sereness is beyond compare.  

In the early 1990's after being involved in a car accident, Kathleen was "called" to go to the woods near the house where she lived.  It was there that she connected with Spirits of Native Americans who had passed through the woods hundreds of years prior.  She imaged them there, meaning she could see with her minds eye, she could see what they were doing and how they lived.  She was told of their ways.  She saw that they used the healing waters that flowed in the woods in order to recover from battles fought between the tribes.  Over the span of about three years, by connecting with the Native America Spirits of those woods, she gained her strength and healed herself, even avoiding a scheduled surgery because it was no longer needed.

She was taught many things by the Native Spirits and holds those understandings still today.  It was also during that time that she met two of her Guides.  Through meditation with her sister she was introduced to White Buffalo Calf Woman.  White Buffalo Calf Woman initially spoke through her sister and told them of many things.  She spoke of Kathleen's  gifts and told her that she was one of those chosen to heal others.  White Buffalo Calf Woman said that Kathleen had been given the gift of seeing and that she was to pursue and use those gifts.  Kathleen accepted what White Buffalo Calf Woman said.  

As meditations and ceremonies continued, she gained more knowledge, strength and began to receive messages for people she barely knew.  When the people were told of the messages, they acknowledgeed the accuracy of the messages and thanked her for the information.  The messages gave clarity and eased the troubling issues the people were facing at the time.  Evenutally that led Kathleen to do readings as her work. 

About the same time, a few like minded people came into her life.  They were all fledgling intuitors and learned from one another about the power of spiritual healing, psychic and meduimship powers.  Doors were opened to some of their past life experiences.  As Kathleen continued on her spiritual path, she learned how past lives, ancestral lineage and cellular memories from both past lives & ancestral lineage affect people's current lives.  From that knowledge, Kathleen learned to look at, realize and release energy in people that no longer served them; that path led her to healing others.

Without understanding how, she began to connect with spirit energy in houses she visited.  She could "see" the spirit energy within the house and actually understood what the "ghosts" were doing.  Each of the experiences helped her progress.

The more she wanted to connect, the more open she became and the more she understood.  The more she understood, the easier the messages or information came to her.  The gifts she was blessed with grew and continued to grow.  Each of the experiences mentioned above helped her progress.  She believes as she continues on her path the learning will contiune as well.