Jennifer W.

I first met Kathleen years ago when I stumbled into Leapin' Lizards looking for help during a massive spiritual awakening I was going through. I was scared and confused and I didn't know what I was looking for or even what I needed but in infinite spirit wisdom I landed there and ran smack into a reading with Kathleen. It was EXACTLY what I needed most at that time. Kathleen was able to really dial into my life and surroundings and give me not only validating information but also the guidance and support I truly needed. I left feeling relieved and empowered. As I continue on my life path I'm often guided back to her for additional guidance and support. Kathleen has a great ability to not only give you the exact reading you need at that exact time but also throw in some added future curve balls. A few times I left thinking "nooooo that can't be right" till it happened! I've referred several friends who have also had the same response. She's a true gifted gem in this world and my life truly wouldn't be the same had it not been for her willingness to show up and be who she is doing what she does. She's a true blessing and for me, a true role model as I've stepped more into my own spiritual abilities which incidentally she first brought to light!

Rich S.

Kathleen never ceases to amaze me in how attuned she is to the spirit world. As a longtime client of hers, I have come to rely on and trust the information she conveys. When I go into a reading with Kathleen, I frequently have questions in my mind or matters that concern me. Without fail, she will address those questions and concerns before I even ask about them. Time and time again, she has an amazing insight into those aspects of my life that have caused me concern – be they relationships, health, job, family and even pets. The perception and awareness she offers, the connection she has with her guides and with my guides, and the peaceful, calming way in which she forwards the information she receives are the reasons why I have been a repeat client of hers for many, many years. I would not consult any other medium because I do not believe I could trust any other as much as I do.

Sara M.

I have always had a very positive experience working with Kathleen and she is my go to person for house and land clearings!  She is clear, tuned in and connects with spirit on a level that allows true healing to occur.  A reading with Kathleen always brings me peace of mind and much needed clarity.  

Michael S.

Approximately two years ago, my dog was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of heart cancer. The diagnosis was confirmed by a second heart specialist. At that point, I was told I needed to come say goodbye to him and that he was going to pass away at any time. This was when I was introduced to Kathleen through another Psychic Medium to help me with my situation. Kathleen gave guidance and coached me through the heartache. Whether she was working on him from long distance or when he would randomly pop into her thoughts, he always seemed to know. His demeanor would change and would drift off as she "communicated" with him. Kathleen knew all kinds of things about him; from playful habits, funny traits, to favorite chew toys and their location in my home. My dog did eventually succumb to his cancer, but after 15 months of irreplaceable memories. Kathleen's gift is beyond amazing. Today, I still connect with Kathleen for guidance through difficult decisions or to simply say hello to a friend.