Frequently Asked Questions

What is a spiritual psychic?

A spiritual psychic is a person who taps into or reads another person’s ethereal energy and gets information about the person or people in the person’s life. Relationships, career, love, past, current and future challenges are examples of information that the psychic can get for the person. A psychic does not connect with spirit.  

What is a medium?

A medium receives messages for people by connecting with loved ones who have crossed over to the spirit realm, guides and angels. Messages and information can be about things that have happened, are happening and things that will be coming.  

What is a spiritual medium?

 A spiritual medium or psychic medium is a person who is able to connect both with the person’s energy and with Spirit and give an intuitive reading based on all that comes in.  

What can happen in an intuitive reading?

 An intuitive reading is a reading that contains information both from the spirit realm and from reading the persons energy. Through those connections answers and guidance are received. Messages come from loved ones, spirit guides and angels. The messages can include information for the client about their personal, physical or medical, emotional, spiritual or professional aspects of their life.   

A psychic medium has no control over who will come in during a reading or what will be said.  

What is a medical intuitive?

 A medical intuitive is a healer who is shown where in the clients body or ethereal layers energetic blockages are. Medical Intuitives can feel in their body symptoms, pain, discomfort of the person they are working on or connecting with.   

What is an intuitive healing? How does it work?

We are made up of energy; in the Chinese culture that energy is known as Chi. 

When energy or Chi gets stuck in an area of the body, the Chi can’t flow smoothly throughout the body. When that occurs symptoms, illnesses or pain develops. 

Through Intuitive Healing, the energy is released from the body and offered to Mother Earth to become its greatest good. When energy is released, healing occurs. 

When doing an intuitive healing, Kathleen connects with your ‘inner you’, the part of you that is connected to and part of your soul. Your inner you lets her know what areas the inner you wants to work on and be healed. If the healing is not a distance healing, she gently places her hands on or holds them slightly above the body where the energy is stuck and releases it.  If the healing is a distance healing, she connects with and follows the inner you toward healing.

There are times when your inner you will let her know how the injury occurred; sometimes it is an ancestral thread or truly from a past life experience and other times it is from an injury from this life. Oftentimes we re-injure ourselves in the same area over the span of different lives. 

Once it is understood where the initial injury came from, the stuck energy is released.